It’s been nearly a year since Comic-Con 2013, where Warner Bros. won the convention by announcing Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman movie. It won’t be long now until the first footage is revealed at this year’s WB panel, which will generate enormous excitement from fans– even if it is leaked online or not. The reveal of footage will put some cease to the original trailers created by devoted fans anticipating Zack Snyder’s latest epic. We’ve picked out the best of the best of those fan-made trailers and they are embedded below. The huge volume of fan trailers created over the past eleven months truly shows the passion, anticipation and love fans have for this project and that exuberance will be shown at the end of the month, when hopefully we get plenty of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice news.

This first intense trailer by Whiplash Dynamo is entirely convincing and filled with a myriad of fitting footage from many different films that adds to the eerie atmosphere that depicts the conflict between both Superman and Batman, but also Lex Luthor and the two heroes. The great music choice also helps too.

The most popular fan-made trailer for Dawn of Justice is by solyentbrak1, raking in over three million views and there’s a reason why. Despite being another trailer that lacks the presence of Jesse Eisenberg, the story teases presented by Bryan Cranston’s dialogue are very well done. The mix of Man of Steel footage and Batman fan-films makes the teases of their battle terrifically convincing also.

Mixing footage from Runner Runner and Man of Steel to make probably the most authentic fake scene in any of these trailers, zelenksteaser feels like a proper teaser; due to not revealing too much but also building a reasonable amount of anticipation thanks to its careful footage selection and music.

The final trailer by Angus Cook feels the most like a full trailer rather than a teaser, mixing ideas from previous teasers to create a rather well-done trailer that is very creative with the Batman and Superman battle (using footage from several fan films), giving snippets of most of the cast members (including Eisenberg as Lex) and also not falling in to the quite common trappings of using too much video game footage.

 Tell us which of the Batman v Superman trailers is your favorite and be sure to show your support to the editors of these trailers by subscribing. We’ll have more fan-made and original content in the coming weeks as well as the latest updates from what is expected to be a big month for DC and Zack Snyder fans, so stay tuned!



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