This past weekend in Detroit, “Batman Vs. Superman” has begun filming scenes for Zack Snyder’s next feature film.

Via HenryCavillNews, The scene repeatedly shot was Gal Gadot (Diana Prince) exiting a building and entering a car; exciting! Also seen was our lord and savior Zack Snyder on set giving directions. Apparently a photoshoot also took place in a near-by facility. It was always speculated that the start date for Batman vs. Superman would be May 19th, and that seems pretty accurate. Snyder has recently shown off images of the Batmobile and Batman on his twitter page @ZackSnyder. You can stay tuned to “The Bible of Zack Snyder” for your latest news and reviews regarding “Batman vs. Superman”.

Zack Snyder on set of Batman vs Superman
Zack Snyder on Set

NOTICE: If you are taking part in the filming of Zack Snyder’s latest billion-dollar epic, please use the checkout the SUBMIT page to see how you can get in contact with us. Send some pictures or filming tips our day; anything helps! We are dedicated to bringing news about Zack and his filmmaking to everyone, everywhere. Every little piece of information helps our cause. We do not take anonymous tips, however unless you have further evidence to backup your claims. So, please, if you are in the Detroit area and happen to snap a photo of Zack, send it our way and we’d love to publish it. We’re obviously going to be in a drought of news these coming weeks, so we’ll take all the user-contributions we can get!


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