Henry Cavill supports the RMCTF and┬áhas given them this photograph from the set of Snyder’s next masterpiece – Dawn of Justice.

With Man of Steel, Zack Snyder created a pretty depressing early life for Superman that ended on an uplifting and spectacular note for the character. It took Clark Kent decades to find his true purpose in life, with┬áthe film ending on a slight tease of what we know him as in the comic books. It may have been unfortunate for some Superman enthusiasts that we never got to see Clark Kent in true reporter form, however that probably will change in Batman V Superman. Zack Snyder’s carefully planned saga is coming together slowly, but outside of the film he and his stars are supporting some amazing causes.

Much like Zack Snyder, Superman himself Henry Cavill supports some of the real heroes in the world very strongly. The Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund has given Cavill some “1664 Challenge” shirts to sign and giveaway in support of the RMCTF, which you can check out on HenryCavillOrg. Along with those shirts came a treat for his fans — A photo of him holding them on the set of Dawn of Justice in what may be Clark Kent wear.

Considering the chair says Clark, he may be getting ready or just finishing a take in Snyder’s superhero epic. There is a noticable lack of S-curl in his hair, as well as other items. Another thing that’s missing is the famous glasses, which Snyder is probably saving for fans. Sadly, considering Cavill is wearing a large jacket, it’s safe to assume that Zack Snyder may have “de-Clarked” Henry before taking this photo to obviously prevent a premature reveal. Do you think Zack Snyder let the Royal Marines reveal Clark Kent’s look to us?

Henry Cavill On Dawn Of Justice Set
Henry Cavill On Dawn Of Justice Set



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