On Today, this day of days, it was announced that our beloved visionary auteur Zack Snyder’s follow-up to last year’s Man of Steel would be titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which you can read all about here.

To celebrate this momentous occasion for not only comic-book fans; but for the industry and art of film itself, we here at The Bible of Zack Snyder have decided to have a look back at Zack through the ages, focusing on the May-June period of years past.

May 21st 2013:  this day last year we received the fourth trailer for Snyder’s would-be masterpiece, Man of Steel, while Zack was no doubt doing intense work-out routines to prepare for his press-rounds (i.e. “World’s Strongest Man” competitions) around the globe for the upcoming film.


Jumping back a bit as to not bog down the article with too much fantastic Man of Steel information that Snyder was preparing to give the world the past two summers (including the first official image of the strapping Henry Cavill as Superman that debuted August 2011 and stopped the internet), this week it was announced that the visually mesmerizing and psychologically challenging art-house meets fantasy action thriller Sucker Punch would be receiving the R-Rated Extended cut fans had clamored for as Snyder’s vision remains best when untainted by the restrictions of the MPAA.
This also marked the end of the film’s theatrical run, grossing $36 million dollars which was sadly only half of the film’s budget. It should be noted films like Citizen Kane and Blade Runner were also seen as critical and commercial flops at the time of their release, only to be considered as some of the best films ever made.


This time in 2010, before Snyder revealed Sucker Punch to the world, it was in the early weeks of June that the trailer for his adaption of Kathryn Lasky and illustrator Richard Cowdry’s Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole which would be released that September. It was also announced Sucker Punch would release in IMAX 3D.

In May 2009, we also saw Snyder’s brilliant and daring dark masterpiece WATCHMEN, improved from the source material by Alan Moore, end it’s theatrical run with an impressive $185 million dollars, which would later see a release later in the summer followed by an Ultimate Edition Director’s Cut released much later with Tale of the Black Freighter spliced in.

Going even further, Summer 2008 saw the premier of WATCHMEN‘s first theatrical trailer, released to rave fan-fare ahead of the billion-dollar hit The Dark Knight.

In June of 2007, we also heard rumor of Jackie Earle-Haley offered a role in WATCHMEN which was considered by some to be not only the film’s best part; but also the performance of Haley’s career as Rorschach.

This week in 2007 also saw 300 reaching it’s $209 million mark, good job Zack!

Was there a particular moment in Snyder history you fondly remember? Were you ever apart of our Lord Snyder’s life or films at any of these times? Be sure to comment and tell us!


  1. Been with the Snyder fan base even before I saw my first Snyder film. XD

    I distinctly remember my friend and I bought into the hype and were fervently trying to buy tickets for 300 when we were 15 back in 2007, and failing since it was an A-rated movie (in India R-rated is called A or Adult for 18 and over).

    Ever since then I saw that movie on pirated disc, VCD, DVD and then finally a few times on Blu Ray, lol.

    I obviously loved the movie and then watched Dawn of the Dead a few years later when I was in college and was 18, and instantly fell in love with Zack Snyder’s directorial capabilities. Then I saw Watchmen, which became my all time favorite Snyder movie and was the turning point for my undying love for all that is created by Snyder. Then I watched the Director’s Cut, then the Ultimate Cut and I consumed them all voraciously.

    Then Sucker Punch, which just made me realise how great of an auteur and visionary and unabashed social warrior Zack Snyder really is. I loved that movie and will defend it any day of the week.

    Then of course I finally saw LOTG: Owls of Ga’Hoole and loved it too and was particularly impressed with what was Snyder’s first animated feature.

    By this time Snyder had firmly secured his place as my most favorite director of all time.

    So when I heard that Snyder was making MOS, I almost died of happiness since it was at the time when we also got news about how Edward Norton wouldn’t be reprising his role as the Hulk, which I thought was the best depiction of the Hulk ever shown. So there was still some light at the end of the tunnel for superhero movies.

    I’ve been an ardent MOS defender for over 2.5 years now and have been following BVS since the very beginning and can’t wait for it now.

    I’m so glad I ran into this website and wonder how I didn’t earlier. Great articles on here and truly deep and level headed insights into his movies and motives! 😀

    Keep it up and cheers to all Snyder fans!


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