As #WatchmenWeek draws to a close, The Bible of Zack Snyder has opened up to a page of interesting facts to deliver some Watchmen trivia.

Obviously a film as ripe and crisp with care and devotion as this, fans would expect a lot of trivia and information of what went on into and behind the scenes of the dark super-hero deconstruction. These facts come from spliced together from interviews with Snyder as well as the always useful IMDB Trivia page. What do you think of the Watchmen trivia below?

Do the Snyder-faithful remember the “pause too soon and you’ll miss it” test shot of WATCHMEN‘s leading anti-hero snuck into the extended trailer for 300 which famously made it’s way online in March 2007.

The trailer as such been removed; but here’s a look at an early glimpse of Rorschach:


It features that film’s associate producer, Wesley Coller, wearing a makeshift mask in front of a composite New York backdrop, and was created as an experiment by Snyder to establish the mood and look of his proposed Watchmen project. Snyder’s wife, Deborah Snyder, bet him $100 that no one would discover it, while he was convinced that someone would find it almost immediately. He won.

Zack Snyder, wanting to stay as true to to the comic book’s world and style as possible, was heavily involved in the acclaimed soundtrack for the film, making WATCHMEN one of just two films ever released at the time to use Simon and Garfunkle’s “The Sounds of Silence” which plays famously over the funeral for Edward Blake (The Comedian).

Speaking with Crave Online:

[Simon and Garfunkle] saw the scene and thought it was cool and let us have it. That is the kind of song to me, which is interesting, because Sound of Silence is the kind of song you think you’ve heard in a million movies. And then you realize it has only been in one other movie and they’ve turned down thousands of movies who wanted to use it. That is kind of the experience of Watchmen. It is something you are very familiar with, but on the other hand it is very, very foreign and difficult.

Along with that, Snyder also had to acquire the use of Bob Dylan’s “The Time They Are A Changin” and rebuild the 3 minute song to fit the praised opening titles. Another classic Dylan song, “Desolation Row” was covered by punk band My Chemical Romance for the film’s credits, which Snyder later directed the music video for, going back to his roots.

You really remember scenes and characters and what the feeling of the movie was. So in the music, when I was putting the movie together I went through tons of songs and all of my old music and old playlists. When I was drawing I had this on my music, I had pretty much the exact soundtrack that is in the movie. I listened to it while I drew and it was pretty much the process that I used.

Zack also was in Vietnam! Not the actual war mind you; but if you look closely in the Extended and Ultimate Cuts of the film you’ll see Zack’s hulking physique and manly features mowing down Viet-Kong with The Comedian in the brilliant “Ride of the Valkyries” Vietnam montage:


When one reads WATCHMEN what springs to mind first is how truly definite the film’s ending is, and the multiple themes of trope-defying and the acceptance that “heroes” are only a fiction and nothing can truly be prevented or saved in a world as gritty and yet fantastical as the film, yet things could have gone a bit differently for the film adaption:

Before the 2009 adaption, there was the Terry Gilliam one which got Snyder into some internet flame-wars earlier this year by saying:

“I just love the movie and it was a labor of love,” Snyder said. “And I made it because I knew that the studio would have made the movie anyway and they would have made it crazy. So, finally I made it to save it from the Terry Gilliams of this world.”

For the WATCHMEN fanatics, none of this should be new; but here’s a few things that could have gone differently in the film’s ending:

  • In Sam Hamm’s version of the script: Ozymandias is vaporized, leaving only a comical smoking pair of boots behind.
  • In David Hayter (who’s version was retooled and worked by Alex Tse and others):  Nite Owl stabs and murders Veidt with his “owlrang”
  • In Alex Tse’s draft Ozymandias is crushed by Archie (Nite Owl’s ship) and is left to bleed out before being burnt alive by the ship’s afterburners.

More can be read on Sam Hamm/Gilliam’s abomination that our Lord later saved by visiting it’s page on TV Tropes, or downloading the script itself.

SWAT CAPTAIN (O.S.) Christ almighty, it’s the goddamned Watchmen!

You can read and download Hamm, Tse and Hayter’s drafts at WriteToReel. (The Bible of Zack Snyder does not and will not host these files.)

Stay tuned, Snyder-believers, next week is Sucker Punch trivia!

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