With the explosion of attention Snyder’s Batman v Superman generated last weekend at San Diego Comic Con — the first image of Wonder Woman and the leak of the footage shown — fans have created a deluge of stunning art for the film over the past week.  We’ve picked seven pieces of artwork and you can take a look at the profiles for the artists of these pieces by clicking the images they created.

This first piece of artwork is inspired by the SDCC teaser, with the staredown of Batman and Superman front and center. Just as in the teaser, this is an operatic and beautiful image, from artist Yuan.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice poster by ‘Yuan’

This Trinity image is stunningly painted and is in a vector art style and despite that still creates the recognizable faces of Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot very well. The armored, Frank Miller-inspired Batman is very well done also.

DC Trinity by Huy “Wee” Dinh

This image by baronrojobus mixes the Trinity’s costumes from Dawn of Justice with the animation style of the Bruce Timm DC cartoons from the late-90s and early 2000s; very cool and accurate!



Another piece of fan-art based on the SDCC teaser, this poster has an official feel but is also impressively made (a dichotomy many fan posters have), the armored batsuit in particular is very convincing along with the bat-signal as the Man of Tomorrow stares down the Dark Knight just as in the atmospheric and exciting footage.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fan-made poster by fmirza95

The final three images are all Wonder Woman pieces, which have been bourgeois over the past week due to the media explosion the Wonder Woman image generated.

The first from AndrewKwan has nice painting and stylization, it presents a confident Diana, of course donning Zack Snyder’s version of her costume. A great drawing that feels like an appreciative work in anticipation for the film but also an impressive one on its own.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman sketch by AndrewKwan

Beautiful, feminine and strong. Despite adding some liberties to the Snyder/Wilkinson costume, it’s clear that this is inspired by it, showing that the outfit for Diana of Themyscira in Dawn of Justice is a superb adaptation of the iconic Wonder Woman look.

Diana of Themyscira by jasric

The final art, from Hamlet Román, is a brilliant drawing depicting a new angle of Gadot’s Wonder Woman as she wields her Lasso of Truth, exuding strength and beauty as Wonder Woman always should.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman by Hamlet Román



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