In this discussion from The Bible of Zack Snyder staff, we look at whether or not Zack Snyder will show up at San Diego Comic-Con this year and what he’ll bring.

The staff here sat down for a bit to talk about the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. Recently, Warner Bros released their scheduled films that they’re showing in Hall H and the list unfortunately does not include Batman V Superman. However, it should be duly noted that last year, the announcement of a Man of Steel sequel was kept secret as well (despite The Hollywood Reporter spoiling it). Perhaps Warner Bros is saving Zack Snyder for another surprise again this year, so let’s get to it.

What can we expect from San Diego Comic Con this year?

Michael: First things first, it needs to be acknowledged that Warner Bros.’ presentation is 2 hours long and that they’ve only announced three movies for the panel — Jupiter Ascending, The Hobbit and Mad Max. No way are they going to focus 40 minutes on each of those movies. So it’s quite clear WB are gonna reveal something related to Snyder’s Batman v Superman or Justice League. Will the rumored “plan” be unveiled? Nope. It might be me just being pessimistic but it really sounds to good to be true; the stuff of dreams. Realistically, they’re gonna be mainly showing something from Batman v Superman. A brief teaser only? I don’t think that’s the best idea. I think they need to release something online as well as at the convention to really make the Internet explode… and that’s the Trinity picture. The magnitude of such an image would create such enormous buzz it would blow Whedon and Marvel babies back to their cradles (especially after the ruckus reaction the Batman and Superman costume reveals received)! They could reveal first looks at Luthor and maybe some other villains but the movie is still almost two years away so I don’t think that’s likely.

Henry Cavill As Superman In 'Dawn of Justice'
Henry Cavill As Superman In ‘Dawn of Justice’

That is not all though. I think they will announce Justice League, a concrete release date (hopefully 2017) and at least some of the cast members (Mamoa as Aquaman particularly). Bottom line is that they need to show something BIG, because this is Warner’s year to do it. 2015? By that time Marvel will be in Phase 3 and the importance of an announcement for the Justice League film would be dimmed I think. This year Marvel are gonna show Age of Ultron mainly and then some movies only the nerds will care about. A trinity photo and Justice League announcement would send shockwaves across the web and a solid teaser for attendees would create positive buzz surrounding the film’s actual quality. I hope Snyder and co. don’t disappoint.

Charles Gerian: Personally I expect WB to give the audience and the world a small taste of what’s to come. Hype and good-will are at an all time high for the studio, and I think that an addressing of Finke’s DC/WB Schedule is something that needs to be either dismissed or loosely confirmed.

Also since The Rock is such a huge star right now, it’d be a waste to miss the chance on reminding people he’s a part of this universe. The COOLEST thing, that PROBABLY wont happen would be a full Justice League cast reveal or character reveal, along with the Trinity Pic.

Connor Behrens: I expect that WB will show something from the film, especially given that Marvel just revealed plot information and official pictures from Age of Ultron. While it is Batman and Superman, you still want to create hype. Yeah, the film is two whole years away, but that hasn’t stopped Warner from releasing images of both Superman and Batman in the past months. The company also wants to set up Justice League this year, it’d be nice for them to give eager fans conformation, an official date. Bottom line, a picture will be released, whether it be a clearer look at Batman, both Superman and Batman, or a trinity picture. I think a lot of people are curious to see what Gal Gadot will look like in the physical costume.

Alex Lynch:  A pure winner for Warner Bros would be just to announce a Wonder Woman flick. That’s it. They don’t need any Batman V Superman news or Justice League news to win. Essentially, they will probably bring news on both despite neither being on the schedule. Zack Snyder loves comic con and the whole experience and it doesn’t seem like he would ever miss out on a year, especially considering that he is making THE biggest comic book movie of all time.

What WB can do to appease the audience is bring out a huge unannounced star in BvS or JL. Possibly The Rock. It doesn’t matter as long as Zack Snyder comes out to announce the news. Something about his RESONATES with the SDCC audience because naturally, he is a real nerd and has read these comics for years with us. He knows us and he is making the films we have been waiting for.

 What will it mean for WB if they don’t reveal anything?

Connor: It’ll be a loss for them. I won’t understand why’d they be willing to drop pictures of Batman and Superman, but not do something for a convention that is fan-infused. This is their most concentrated crowd. That being said, the film is two years away, they’d have next year to heavily promote the film and the future of the DC universe.

Zack Snyder; king of cinema.
Zack Snyder; king of cinema.

Charles: That would be a titanic loss for them on hype, since the Batman reveal and USA Today cover show they’re ready to reveal official information, especially after Marvel’s press-field day domination this past week with Black-Cap, Fem-Thor, and the Avengers 2 EW spreads. I think what makes Zack so necessary, and I’ll say necessary, for WB as a Comic Con presence is his true earnestness and genuine love for the crowd and for the films. When he was announced for Watchmen it was immediate backlash just because it was a “sacred text” for Nerds, and Zack came and he addresses all of that and genuinely, I think, warmed the audience and the public up to the notion. As much flack as WB/DC has gotten for their “cramming characters” into BvS, Zack NEEDS to be the one to address that, not some nameless press release or something similar. He really is the key and link between the public and the company.

Alex: Warner Bros isn’t this stupid. They always have something comic related whether it’s an announcement for a film that may not happen anymore or an isolated DC property like Nolan’s trilogy. This is the first time Batman and Superman will be onscreen together, and this is freakin’ COMIC con we’re talking about. Their presentation is almost two hours and if they feel like they can’t even TEASE anything then they need to fire their entire marketing department.

Michael: WB not revealing anything next weekend would be a huge mistake. Waiting for 2015 to say anything about Justice League or BvS would be moronic. Why? By that time Marvel will be in Phase 3. The third AVENGERS film will already been in development and an ANT-MAN film will have just released. 2014 is Warner’s year to “beat” Marvel. They’ve already crushed some expectations and excitement when they delayed the film to 2016 and revealing nothing after the promise of a 2015 release from last year would feel disingenuous to the fans; especially when we know how big of a fan Snyder is of Comic-Con.

Charles: But if they don’t reveal anything, how important IS Comic Con, REALLY?

Zack Snyder hard at work, editing his next masterpiece.
Zack Snyder hard at work, editing his next masterpiece.

Connor: The prime time for Warner to strike is now, considering how weak Marvel’s panel may turn out this year. What will people be discussing, a trinity picture or a Doctor Strange film? At the end of the day, while comic book fanatics don’t make up a huge percent of the box office gross, getting on the good side of comic fans is important. That positive word of mouth will spread to the general audience community, and support will exponentially grow for a film.

Charles: But look at something like Pacific Rim. Won Comic Con and had a huge religious devotion out the gate; but it failed to spread into public notion until like, 3 weeks before it released and it wasn’t THAT much of a game changer and took almost an entire year for a sequel to be green-lit. Granted, you’re dealing with two of the most recognized super heroes together in ONE film, it will sell like hot cakes either way.

Connor: Yes, but that religious devotion didn’t spread into the general public, the marketing failed to connect. A film has to hit on all marks, support and marketing included. Warner’s biggest hurdle will be convincing Man of Steel critics to give this upcoming film a fair chance. This film won’t need a substantial push, in the end its two icon hero’s in the same film. It’s every fanboy’s wet dream.

Alex: Pacific Rim is a completely different beast. It’s freakin’ Batman AND Superman. The world’s two biggest superheroes. Just putting an ad for the film in a bus shelter will do it wonders. San Diego Comic Con honestly has lost it’s comic book roots. Showing the film teaser at the convention will honestly do nothing for the general public unless there is an announcement with it. THAT is what movie writers blog about. THAT is what people search for from Comic Con. Announcements. No one is going to see the teaser they show (unless recorded) and it won’t do anything for film marketing or general public.

Connor: This film won’t need a substantial push, in the end its two icon hero’s in the same film. It’s every fanboy’s wet dream.

Michael: I think showing footage at this time would be kinda unnecessary. The movie is 20 months away from release. Showing a big image or announcing something huge would create buzz both beyond the nerds only crowd and bloggers but also a massive online crowd. First look at Wonder Woman in a live-action film ever? Yeah, that’s pretty big.

The importance of Comic-Con depends on the studio. For Marvel, it’s the time where they get to reveal the most and show the most. For WB, it’s to give people a preview of their upcoming slate — that’s good for business. Some studios don’t bother sometimes because they don’t have much to show, but thankfully WB clearly do. They’re not going to waste the convention, they’ve been at it enough years now.

What do you think will realistically happen at Comic-Con?

Connor: Showing footage from a film that’s two years away is not needed , Warner has next years Comic Con to drop some fantastic footage and also discuss the future of the DC universe. A picture of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman would be enough to feed the hungry beast that is the fanboy community.
New 52 Justice League

Charles: You also do NOT want to begin marketing the shit out of it THIS year. A Trinity pic and light tease of actors/characters and slates is fine and builds the hype; but WB has been very sparse with BvS news officially, and I mean look at Man of Steel,  like 4 trailers came out in week, it was almost exhausting. I think WB will definitely play it smart on the hype-train, letting the fans and public do all the work and feeding them only crumbs.

Michael: Realistically – A trinity picture and Justice League announcements.

Alex: Realistically, we’ll get jack shit. Maybe the same thing from last year, Zack “the deadlifter” Snyder comes out and announces a movie or something about Batman v Superman with an official picture or logo.

To wrap: What’s one DC Comics film you want to be announced?

Alex: The Flash starring Rodrigo Santoro.

Michael: Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot.

Charles: This is out of left field; but something I’ve ALWAYS thought would be cool is a HAWK & DOVE movie, made kind of like a buddy comedy/action movie, with Armie Hammer as Hawk and someone like Chris Pine as Dove, or a woman.

Alex: directed by Edgar Wright?

Charles: I would actually think Lord and Miller since they’re already pretty in-house with WB. It’d never happen but I mean, considering Lego Movie was one of the years highest grossing films, it’d definitely be something I’d see them considering.

Alex: Do we think that the rumor from a while back – that DC is making low-budget property movies – will come true?

Suicide Squad on CW's "arrow"
Suicide Squad on CW’s “arrow”

Charles: Their roster is expansive enough, and it’d be a great way for them to keep the attention of the audience between BIG films. Especially if they actually make them films and not Marvel’s cheapo Netflix shows

Alex: The rumored list had something like Suicide Squad and Booster Gold. Suicide Squad has had a script floating around by Justin Marks for years at Warner Bros. It’s terrible, but it’s obvious WB was considering the film for some time seeing as they’ve included the Suicide Squad heavily in other mainstream media.

Charles: Suicide Squad would be really cool, I mean they have their own animated movie, as well as a pretty big presence in the Arkham games which everyone loves. And Arrow. Not to mention it would be a way for DC to have some anti-heros as the main stars and focus less on “super” heroes.

Michael: Anything different from Marvel Studios is a good thing for their universe. Which is why I hope that rumored Flash/Green Lantern film is true.

Connor: Completely agree Michael. Diversity and setting your brand apart is important.


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