The lookback at Zack Snyder’s time before Dawn of The Dead; chronicling his work before he became “Hollywood’s Leading Geek”.

It hasn’t been easy for Zack Snyder. Beautiful wife, toned and sexy physique, beautiful and loving humanitarian children, and above all else: he has the best job in the world.

While our beacon of light himself is currently busy in Michigan as filming gets underway for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justicewe take today to “Flashback” to where Snyder was just an Award-winning Super Bowl commercial director and Michael Jordan-documentator.

First up is one of Snyder’s very first gigs as a director: the music video “Somebody to Shove”, sung by 90s band Soul Asylum. Snyder would later return to his roots and personally direct the music-video for My Chemical Romance’s “Desolation Row” from WATCHMEN .

Interesting note is that fellow DC-comics enthusiast and film-maker Kevin Smith is a fan of Soul Asylum and the band even provided songs for Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Clerks II.

Snyder also — who lovingly shows his respect for the Military and America itself in Man of Steeland also by supporting M.I.A/P.O.W’s — also directed the deeply moving post 9/11 Budweiser commercial featuring the beer’s iconic Clydesdale Horses bowing before the empty New York skyline.

Traces of Snyder’s films can be seen, especially in the stirring shot of the horses galloping through town. The commercial might not seem familiar- it was only aired one time, as Budweiser did not seek to profit from it whatsoever.

Snyder also collaborated with legendary singer Rod Stewart for “Leave Virginia Alone”, from Stewart’s 1995 “A Spanner in the Works” album.

Pay close attention to some certain visual ques Snyder would later use in Sucker Punch. One thing is certain, and that is that Snyder was also a master behind the lens when it came to emotion.

Below, a baby-faced Zack Snyder appears at Screamfest L.A. in 2004 to show off Dawn of the Dead with some Zombified friends.

Little did Snyder know, his zombie film would become a critical and commercial darling. Solidifying his future as the highly sought after visionary that would, 10 years later, be at the helm of one of the largest and most anticipated comic-book films ever made.

Zack Snyder; Dawn of The Dead

It’s always interesting to go back in time, and the best part about the internet is that nothing is ever really buried in the past.
Got any other “old” Snyder photos or news? Share them with us below!
Keep in mind this is not “all” of Snyder’s previous work- so stay tuned for more Snyder Flashbacks!


  1. I had seen most of these videos back in the myspace Zack Snyder page. Some of these got awarded for their inventiveness and the way they took a fresh take on commercials that have been made since the dawn (no pun itended) of television.


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