When one recalls Zack Snyder’s 2013 masterpiece Man of Steel one of the stand-out characters and lines was Pittsburgh native Christina Wren’s Carrie Farris and “I just think he’s kind of hot, sir.”

Don’t worry Christina, we all do too.

Well it turns out Wren wasn’t done with Farris, and Snyder wasn’t done with Wren, as the young actress will return in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice according to Pittsburgh Magazine, which broke the story earlier this week, and even revealed some interesting bits about how Wren came to be cast :

“[My friend] was also working in a casting office that was casting an Athenos hummus commercial . . . he said, ‘I think my friend Christina would be right for this.’” Wren got the part — and “Man of Steel” director Zach Snyder saw the advertisement. Months later, Wren was on the set of the Superman reboot.

Good thing Snyder has a good eye for talent. Or Hummus.

[After the Athenos hummus commercial,] Zach Snyder . . . had his casting director track me down. I didn’t know what I was auditioning for; it was called “Untitled Warner Bros. Project.” . . . They got back to me a few days later and asked if I would audition for a part as a military officer. I was trying to figure out — is this a scifi? Is this a military movie? . . . I [asked], “Am I allowed to know what the movie is?” And they said, “You can’t tell anybody — but it’s the new ‘Superman’ movie.”

Wren went on to tell Pittsburgh Magazine that her role as Carrie Farris, often thought by many to be ‘Carol’ Farris, the Green Lantern’s known squeeze, was filmed in August and a little bit into September; but has said as far as how big Farris gets in the film series -in terms of becoming “Star Sapphire”- is unknown at this time.

Wren discussed a bit more, such as working on an indie film versus a big budget experience like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

They’re obviously very different experiences — I love them both. I think that every set, regardless of its size, is its own little universe and culture; your experience on a set has more to do with the community and how things are run that necessarily the size of it. There are great things about having resources; there’s a lot you can pull off. You can build a really large, solid team . . . on smaller-budget projects, you have people playing so many roles and wearing so many hats. It can be both really exciting and communal and all-hands-on-deck — and sometimes, it can feel like, “Oh, if we just had one more person or this department we could do so much more.” But I really do love both ways of working.

Wren is married, and can also be found with her acclaimed jewelry line “Tea on Tuesdays”, on Etsy, which can be found here. 


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