In this article, site-founders Alex Lynch and Charles Gerian are joined by hosts of the Cut-To Podcast Caleb Hamilton and Connor Behrens to discuss the IMAX event of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Caleb Hamilton visited the DC event and Connor in Texas whilst Charles went to Moore, Oklahoma and Alex in Toronto, Canada. Please send us your Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice IMAX experience pictures and stores. We’re also looking to feature fan art!

How far did you travel for the Batman v Superman IMAX Event? Was it worth it?

Connor: I traveled 40 mins, but I had stay at my school basically all day but yes, totally worth it. Posters, extra footage, AND SEEING THE FILM A WEEK EARLY.

Charles: I traveled an hour and a half, roughly, got slowed to a crawl in Oklahoma City rush hour traffic, it was terrifying, but waiting in line and seeing how excited all these people were, and WB’s excellent presentation was WELL worth it. Plus the scene and posters were to die for.

Caleb: I traveled 45 minutes, and it was definitely worth it! Had quality time with a friend I haven’t seen in months. Got to see the trailer for like the 200th time, in glorious IMAX.

Alex: Traveled by bus for 30 mins to train station and took a 60 minute trip from there to Union in Toronto and took another 10 minutes on the Subway.

Connor: I’m so glad they were nice and didn’t make us chose which poster to take!

Charles: I was so worried about that.

Injustice Gods Among Us Batman v Superman
Injustice Gods Among Us Batman v Superman

What did you take away from seeing it in IMAX, and *THAT* scene?

Connor: I made friends with 5 people. We all talked about Man of Steel and how it doesn’t deserve the mixed reaction it got. This 45 year old lady was like, “I love Zack. I saw Man of Steel 20 times in theaters.”

Caleb: I took away that I will be seeing this in a real IMAX theater, not one refit for IMAX DMR. I want to FEEL these two gods go at it with each other

Alex: I took away that there are people as passionate for Batman v Superman, Zack Snyder and DC as much as me and they were all energetic about it. We talked for over 2 hours in line and in the theatre and even after the showing. The IMAX looked amazing especially for the special scene.

Caleb: I did not have any conversations with people in line, except my friend. I spent most of the time trying to get a cell signal. The whole movie theater is under a bridge and is a dead zone

Charles: I noticed for the first time that there are names on the wall around the Superman statue.

How did the crowd react to the full, extended version of the IMAX trailer?

Charles: Our very small crowd whooped and cheered and clapped. Also some lines at the beginning, background noise like “ALIEN!” and “they sent a warrior” it sounded like, I’d also never picked up on.

Caleb: Theater was quiet until the extra footage – some were there seeing this for the very first time, like my friend. They cheered loudly and everyone clapped. Really energetic crowd!

Alex: Crowd went batshit crazy when the WB Rep got on the mic to hype everyone on, then we made noise during the WB logo but were silent until Batfleck appeared when people started going crazy, and then the whole f*cking theatre (which was only 3/4 full) flipped the crap out over the clashing scene. The reaction wasn’t the same the second time around though, just a bit quieter.

Connor: My theater went apeshit, after the second showing half of the crowd stood up and clapped.


Day of The Dead Batman v Superman
Day of The Dead Batman v Superman


Alright, so Charles talked to the Warner Bros representative in Moore, Oklahoma about our website The Bible of Zack Snyder and he told the representative about our site and how it’s currently the only Zack Snyder fansite out there to which the representative replied “Well, hey you want some more posters? That’d be a great incentive to let people know about you and build your site- besides, im sure he would love it”.

So here we are, with about 25 posters to giveaway to 25 lucky readers of this website. And yes, those international fans who couldn’t attend WILL be eligible for this contest. All you have to do is use the widget below to enter. You can enter once per day!

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  1. Not only am I a huge Snyder fan, but I’ve loved the characters of Batman and Superman since I was 4. Plus, there’s was an ocean between me and an IMAX theatre in the U.S.

  2. I don’t live in the US so I couldn’t attend the IMAX event. I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for years and I’m so excited about it I even have a folder on my computer called BvS where I store all the images, clips and bits of info they release

  3. Mozambican fan here, and nop, couldn’t attend the IMAX event. Looking forward to see every official information that’s released. Those leaked Suicide Squad photos, are a bit oft-putting.

  4. Count me in. This is not the first time Zack-related goodies are handed out to his international fans (which is great, and a blessing). I really wish we would out-do Marvel fans ferocious theater-loving nature, cause that way we’d dominate the box-office!

  5. I’m a huge Zack Snyder fan. Not only his directing, but his eye-popping visuals that draws me to the big screen IMAX theater to watch every single film of his. There’s no doubt that Snyder will top it off again with these two iconic characters; Superman and Batman, when they collide in Batman V Superman.

  6. I’ve been a big fan of Snyder’s since I watched 300, I own all of his films on Blu-Ray, admittedly though when they first announced Man of Steel, I was very happy but also a bit disappointed because I wanted to see Snyder’s take on Batman as he’s my favorite comic book character(I didn’t care for the Nolan trilogy, I really tried to) so when they announced this, I was so ecstatic, have been over the moon with what I’m seeing… I haven’t been to a theater for 10 years now as I’ve been too weak, I’ve been bedridden for 9 months but I have made a promise to myself that I WILL see this on the big screen.

    • Hope you win a poster, Joel. You really seem like a real Zack Snyder fan, and If you’ve got more passionate people like yourself, bring then in to the page.

  7. I deserve a poster because I’ve been Zack Snyder’s fan from a long time ago, and always supported his work. This poster is going to go along perfect with my Sucker Punch t-shirt.

  8. This is the thing. I have been a huge Superman and Batman fan all of my life, and I love Zack Snyder’s work! The only thing that could ever have stopped me from making the IMAX event was keeping my promise to tuck my little girl in to bed every night. Promise still not broken. #DadsLife

  9. I have so much hope for BVS cannot wait to see it! Loved The Dark Knight Returns, so I’m hoping that BVS can capture the magic of that book.

  10. I was avoiding the leaked version of the trailer all day, and all the hate that it was receiving from my friends and the internet; just trying to hold on until I could see it on IMAX. I saw the HD version that was released later on, and I couldn’t understand why everybody hated it so much!

    I was glad to strike up a conversation with someone in the line as they were also equally excited to watch the IMAX version. It looked absolutely amazing on IMAX, it really felt like modern day gods fighting right in front of me! It was so epic. I was very happy just watching it on IMAX (even though my friends still thought I was weird for doing so), the posters and the free tickets for the early screening put me over the edge!

    The hype and the trailer viewing was such a great experience! Glad I never got tempted to watch that dinky, low quality trailer leak!


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