Back in October news broke of Zack Snyder meeting with HBO to (allegedly) discuss a series about/set in the WATCHMEN universe which he famously brought to life back with the 2009 film, and the internet still has questions about it.
Variety wrote:

“Preliminary discussions regarding ‘Watchmen’ have occurred but we have no additional information and no deals are in place,” HBO said in a statement Thursday.

Warner Bros., which owns DC Entertainment, declined to comment, though insiders confirm the studio would be involved in the potential project.

It is highly, highly unlikely that the series would be a do-over of the film since the Ultimate Cut is the absolute most perfect adaptation of the graphic novel, so that leaves us with either a prequel or a…sequel. That’s right. We all known Before Watchmen, but what about After? How would anyone feel about a WATCHMEN 2, after all?
HBO is currently on it’s last few seasons of it’s juggernaut series Game of Thrones and only has one season left of The Leftovers and True Detective so they will be seeking something they can turn into a series with legs to go with their upcoming Westworld which would not only make this deal with Zack the director’s first forray into television since his start directing commercials, but a premium network like HBO’s very first series based off of a comic book property.
In 2012 DC Comics began to publish a series of comics which follow such icons like Adrian Vedit, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Rorschach, Nite Owl, the Minutemen, and more which are now all collected and can be purchased here for those who have the time to commit to a nearly 40 issue saga.
The series was met to wild acclaim, and is often cited as a possibly avenue for the assumed HBO series to follow, but what if they decide to follow a Post-Manhattan World, or maybe even a completely new one?

Vedit’s Dr. Manhattan weapon.

Well before the credits to WATCHMEN triumphantly roll to the sounds of My Chemical Romance’s cover of “Desolation Row” we see Dan and Laurie together, watching the news coverage of a world at peace after Dr. Manhattan stages his “attack” on the planet Earth by way of Adrian Veidt’s master plan to bring the world together through devastating chaos. The nations lay down their arms and focus, instead, on arming themselves and cooperating in the incident Manhattan himself ever return (he won’t).
Rorschach, Veidt, and the Comedian are all dead and gone but not without Rorschach’s Journal being left in the dropbox to the tabloid newspaper The New Frontiersman.
My theory for how this could be continued would follow another superhero group possibly established similar to the Minutemen and The Watchmen, focused on helping to rebuild New York in the wake of disaster, which would carry on the “passing the torch” theme that the film emphasized so heavily, while also following the staff of The New Frontiersman, perhaps a lone journalist, chasing after evidence that the events describes in Rorschach’s journal were actually what had happened starting from the murder of Edward Blake until the Manhattan Incident, while possibly featuring Dr. Manhattan observing or possibly disguising himself and seeing what Earth is like in this new peaceful “utopia” he unwillingly helped create.
If done properly, the series could explore and expand on several ideas and concepts from Watchmen such as how long peace can really last and if ‘superheroes’ are a threat or a menace to society as a concept.

The Minutemen.

On a ‘prequel’ side of things though, there’s a near limitless supply for HBO and Warner Brothers to work with. A World War 2 set drama series following The Minutemen, who’s history in “Before Watchmen” can best be read here, would be the most exciting especially with such a range of classic Watchmen icons like Nite Owl 1 (Hollis Mason), Silk Spectre 1 (Sally Jupiter), and The Comedian, which we saw in the arguably most memorable piece from the film, the opening title sequence.
This would give a series the chance to work through almost 2 decades of history starting from the late 1930’s and ending possibly in the 1960’s with the arrival of Dr. Manhattan.
Imagine a 10-15 episode season following the Minutemen in their personal and professional lives, those times being such a huge, graphically different world from the dystopian 1980s we came to see in the feature film.
A third option, perhaps, would be to combine these two ideas. A series set after the events of the film that feature heavy flashbacks to the Pre-WATCHMEN world and how that could still affect life today.

BeFunky Collage
In 2005, this is what Rorscach, Nite Owl, The Comedian, Ozymandias, Silk Spectre, and Dr. Manhattan could have looked like.

Now this final, possible route might take a bit of reaching on my end, but it’s something I could guarantee someone at the Warner House has thought of, maybe even Zack himself…a series that follows Dr. Manhattan after his exile from our Earth at the end of the film, and into other universes, other parallels and hair-split fractures in times, which could allow him to see alternate universe for the Watchmen. Perhaps a season of each, following new faces as new versions of the Watchmen in an anthology setting similar to American Horror Story, True Detective, and FARGO. In one universe, Dr. Manhattan could see that he never got locked into the radiation chamber, and thus never even became Dr. Manhattan…The Comedian never rapes Sally Jupiter, or they actually get together romantically (and consensually) which would never lead him to Ozymandias. Maybe Ozymandias isn’t the killer and grand mastermind, and maybe Rorschach is a well adjusted and famous costumed hero?
Something like that would keep the iconic characters, but be a treat to old and new fans alike.

What do you guys think? What kind of world would you like to see brought to life from Zack Snyder and HBO?
Do you like my ideas, or think they’re pomp’s and ridiculous? Be sure to let us know below!

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