While we honor what some consider the greatest comic-book film of all time on this day, March 9, 2015, we must also wonder about the pieces in our Lord Snyder’s grand performance: the actors.
What are Patrick Wilson, Malin Akerman, Jackie Earle Haley, Carla Gugino, Matthew Goode, Billy Crudup, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan all doing now that there’s no world left to save?


Patrick Wilson, who played Dan Drieberg/Nite Owl in WATCHMEN is still rumored to be standing ass naked in his home on some nights, staring longingly at his costume that he stole from the set.
Career wise, he has gone on to be one of the more successful Watchmen, starring in the horror hits INSIDIOUS  and The Conjuring. Wilson also figured he’d get a few bucks and had a brief (if pointless) cameo as Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)’s father in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Aside from joining FX’s sophomore season of Fargo, Wilson can next be seen in The Conjuring 2: The Einfield Poltergeist.

Malin Akerman hd wallpapers (1)
Malin Akerman went from Silk Spectre and right into Deadpool’s pants in The Proposal and on to star in Adult Swim’s Children Hospital. She keeps busy though, reportedly demanding any man she dates douse themselves in blue dye so she can feel ‘more at ease’ with them.
Her series The Trophy Wife wasn’t exactly a “Hallelujah” for the starlet; but she’ll next be seen in the indie drama I’ll See You in My Dreams. 

Jackie Earle Haley has had a quiet but profitable career, taking small but very memorable and shilling roles in Spielberg’s Shutter Island and Lincoln (not chilling in that one). He was sadly wasted as a brilliant Freddy Krueger in the lackluster Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, and then did some thing called Dark Shadows with Tim Burton, which no one seems to be able to remember.
Haley’s recent involvement came with the horror-action game The Evil Within as ‘Ruvik’, as well as ‘a guy’ in Robocop. Haley will next go toe-to-toe with another Snyder alumni, Gerard Butler, in London Has Fallen. 

Carla Gugino went on to collaborate with Snyder two more times after WATCHMEN as Dr. Vera Gorski in Sucker Punch and as Kelor the service robot in Man of Steel. Gugino spent a season with Mulder on Californication and is preparing to go to Wayward Pines for FOX, the new drama/mystery starring Matt Dillon.
Gugino will next be seen on the big screen in San Andreas where she’ll try to escape a collapsing and dangerous Los Angeles with Dwayne “Black Adam” Johnson.

Matthew Goode has bounced around the silver screen,most recently on The Good Wife, and done roles in the stylish and sick STOKER as well as the Oscar-nominated The Imitation Game. 
While no one “really” knows what Matthew Goode actually does, he has a pretty bold film coming out from acclaimed visionary Tarsem Singh, Self/Less where he’ll co-star Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds.


Billy Crudup is believed to still be on Mars.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan finished out his residency with Grey’s Anatomy and would go on to star in two more DC Comics adaptations: Jonah Hexx and The Losers, the latter pairing him up with Captain America, Chris Evans, and the former saw him with Josh Brolin, who was almost Zack Snyder’s Batman.
Interestingly enough, Morgan has a small role as Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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