Zack Snyder Christmas Guide


Panicking for the Holidays and not sure what to get? This Zack Snyder Christmas Shopping Guide is for you.

We all know what it’s like to be late Christmas shopping and panicking in the streets not knowing what to get that certain someone. Well, we here at The Bible of Zack Snyder have decided to help pick out some items for you this holiday season for the Zack Snyder fan in your life. In this guide we’ll go over Stocking Stuffers and main gifts that’ll sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. First off, if you’re looking for apparel to give during this Holiday Season be sure to check this article about our TeePublic store hosting dozens of designs!

Stocking Stuffers

Now, for those of you who hang stockings on Christmas Eve we got a couple of things for you to wrap up and put in them to make them fill out nicely. First off, for the Watchmen geek in your family, this Christmas you can get them

Watchmen pinset
Watchmen pinset

some pins, such as this Smiley Pin like the one featured in the film or maybe this set of four featuring characters from the Watchmen film.

For the 300 fans, there’s this Film Cell Key Chain  from the film.

Basically what you want to fill in with Stocking Stuffers is simple stuff you could find at a dollar store, like necklaces or branded earphones. Basically anything that puffs up the mood and says “this is the theme of my gifts”, it should be simple and sweet. Content as such cell phone cases are always popular as well, which you can customize your own on plenty of websites.  For the children, you should go the route of stickers, branded chocolates, cards or even temporary tattoos.

Whilst I’m not quite happy with what I get in my stockings every year, I definitely feel as though it’s an important part of the Christmas tradition to help set the mood. Why don’t you leave Santa  a letter saying how much you want these items the night before!

Main Items

300 Rise of an Empire: The Art of The Film
300 Rise of an Empire: The Art of The Film

Now, since Zack Snyder has had the bulk of his film’s release in the past before we wrote this guide up, this part should be easy to fill. However, let’s focus on some recent items that your loved one or friend may not have in their collection. Let’s start off with Peter Aperlo’s 300 Rise of An Empire: The Art of The Film which showcases tons of concept art, image design and much more from Noam Murro’s sequel to Zack Snyder’s blockbuster breakout hit. The film was excellent, you can read our personal review by clicking HERE, but if you’d love to get more indepth with the making-of, this is definitely the book to check out. It’s available wherever books are sold. In our opinion, if you haven’t seen it, you’ll also want to pick up the film on Blu-Ray.

Additionally, you will definitely want Man of Steel on Blu-Ray, as it’s not only worth the price alone for the film, but as well as the Maximum Movie Mode where Zack Snyder takes you inside how the film was created in step-by-step simultaneously while the film is playing. It’s really the thing that drove me to become a filmmaker, the techniques and the technology involved is just so mindblowing as a viewer. Infact, all of Snyder’s films on Blu-Ray/DVD are a NECESSITY to have if you’re reading this website. His visual filmmaking is something that should be studied by colleges for years to come. One of the best thigns you can get, is the Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Collector’s Edition which is an absolute steal for the price, features some great content and Zack Snyder’s full realized vision for the film.

For the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice fans, there really isn’t anything out there to buy right yet. However, if you want to get anticipated for the film, you can read our “Preparations” guide which lists ALL the comics and animated films you should watch including The Dark Knight Returns and Batman/Superman: Apocalypse which features Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman going up against an ARMY of Doomsdays lead by Darkseid himself. Amazing film!

Rich People Items

Sucker Punch Baby Doll Hot Toys Figure
Sucker Punch Baby Doll Hot Toys Figure

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with Santa sacks full of money, however for those who are willing to go the extra mile to make their Snyder-obsessed loved one happy, these items are for you. For instance, the photorealistic, super-detailed HOT TOYS branded of figures for Snyder’s films, such as Sucker Punch and Man of Steel may be for you, if you can manage to even find them at reasonable prices these days. They usually retail for around $200, but being sold out, you’d have to resort to eBay for one of those, probably double the price.

However, Play-Arts Kai has a couple of fantastic statues from Man of Steel. They’re still available from BigBadToyStore and other retailers, around $65, which is the price for this General Zod figure. There’s a good range to collect, including Superman himself and Faora as well.

For the insane millionaires, there’s always Replica Clothing, that costs hundreds of dollars by the piece. However, on a much cheaper side of replica items, there’s always the Command Key Necklace from Man of Steel. 

I don’t expect many people to shell out hundreds to appease their Zack Snyder loved ones, but it does seem fun thinking there are families out there who respect the director as much as we do. So, for those rich people who know someone who loves Snyder and his filmmaking, try to pick up a statue or a replica for them. It’ll show how deep your relationship goes. So Snyder faithful, I leave you with this one last question.

Would Zack be on Santa’s naughty or nice list?

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