Zack Snyder may be shopping ‘Watchmen’ as a TV Series to HBO. The report first surfaced from Dave Trumbore at Collider,¬†where he stated that all he knows “for certain” is that Snyder has met with representatives at HBO to discuss bringing the characters to screen. Later Thursday Night, HBO released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter confirming the report.

Preliminary discussions regarding Watchmen have occurred but we have no additional information and no deals are in place

HBO has had a slew of fantastic work being output lately, such as the second season of True Detective, Ballers, and The Brink starring Jack Black as well as the new season of Game of Thrones generating massive hype. However, HBO’s biggest piece of material — Game of Thrones, which has generated a cult following of millions — is ending within the foreseeable future, and despite rumors of a film trying to be lifted off the ground and possible prequel or spinoff series, HBO would still need to find something to fill that gap.

A Watchmen series under Zack Snyder would certain inject some fresh air into HBO’s atmosphere. Like Game of Thrones, it’s high-budget, high-octane and very suspenseful and adult. The problem is however, what portion of Watchmen lore would they adapt? It’s hard to imagine Snyder wanting to re-do the events of the film, considering the Ultimate Cut is a perfect piece of entertainment and cinema. Snyder also put so much love and passion into that one film that it’d be difficult to recreate the magic it had again. However, one of my favorite sequences of Watchmen that everyone should love was the beginning intro, set to “The Times Are A Changing” showing the entire history of Watchmen leading up to the start of the film, which was also widespread through many flashbacks in the film. Snyder could fill in the history that we felt in only a few brief minutes as a TV series to give us an inside look into how the world of Watchmen became so desolate.

Speaking of prequels, DC Comics actually published a long series of books called Before Watchmen a few years ago, which detailed every character’s journey to the events of the original graphic novel. It was a quite long event, with dozens of books I didn’t have time to read. It was written and drawn by the best that DC Comics had to offer at the time, and perhaps Snyder caught wind of that being the fan that he is and saw the amounts of material contained in them, possibly holding years of television content.


Regardless of what HBO possibly cooks up with Snyder for a Watchmen TV series, it would be amazing to see some of the film’s original cast return to their roles even if for the smallest parts. Carla Gugino recently said she’d love to return to Zack Snyder’s comic universe of films.


What would you like to see in a Watchmen series?


  1. If the series does follow Before Watchmen, I’m completely down for it. Hope they doing re-tool the movie, and appropriate it to the tv medium. The movie’s almost perfect, and we should leave it like that.


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