(Note: This article is intended as parody.)

Today it was announced, as a huge blow to Zack Snyder, Warner Brothers, and Batman v Superman as a whole, that the second season of Marvel Studio’s Daredevil would be premiering on the Netflix streaming service on March 25, 2016, if ComicBook.com is to be believed.

It seems rumors of Daredevil releasing earlier this year than it did in 2015 are true. ComicBook.com has learned from independent sources that Marvel and Netflix are aiming to launch Daredevil season two on March 25, 2016.

This devastating news that all the Season 2 episodes would be made instantly available with no set time-table or commitment rule for the crime-drama deals a huge strike to the opening weekend of the 2 and a half hour superhero epic.
Already, we are worried how this could impact not only the box office for Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel but for the possible future of the DC Extended Universe on film.
Ben Affleck, who has already played the blind superhero once on film, and who is playing Batman in the upcoming film has not yet responded to this, but his spirit is likely crushed.

Ben Affleck v Ben Affleck: Dawn of Spandex
Ben Affleck v Ben Affleck: Dawn of Spandex

While Warner Brothers has not issued a rebuttal to this, we expect that there is no possible way the general public, or fanboys, would choose to see the very first live-action outing of the Dark Knight, The Man of Steel, and The Warrior Princess as the Trinity over seeing the continued adventures of Matt Murdock as a blind lawyer in New York City.
How can the efforts of Oscar-Winning screenwriter Chris Terrio, Oscar-Winning director/actor Ben Affleck, Oscar-Winning actor Jeremy Irons, and Oscar-Winning actor Holly Hunter compete against Charlie Cox, lead actor of Stardust, Shane from The Walking Dead, and the team that created Sons of Anarchy and Harriet the Spy?
I guess we, the Snyder faithful, can only wait and see.

Until then, watch this site for more updates as we strongly expect WB to push the film up to a new release date.



  1. This is getting too far. I realize Ayelet Zurer is in the show, as well as Scott Glenn (an actor who’s always been loyal to Zack Snyder). Those cannot be coincidences, and this is just plain bullying, but both Zack and DC will make it, it’s no biggie.


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