Turkish Airlines have partnered with Warner Bros to design their planes with Batman v Superman themes and have released a new trailer to showcase. Similarly, new TV Spots have dropped from Twitter.

Over the past 24 hours, it’s been a crazy weekend. A new poster for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped from Yahoo earlier. The poster features Batman and Superman in a staredown in the same style as the earlier trio posters released last month. Additionally, the poster was released in sequence with Zack Snyder HIMSELF announcing on Twitter that we can decide who should win the battle using Twitter-exclusive emojis. The emoji are activated by tweeting either #Superman or #Batman.

Now, take a look at the new Batman v Superman footage below. The first two embedded tweets feature new TV spots for the film while the third embedded video is a new promotional trailer for Turkish Airline’s partnership with Warner Bros. There’s some great new Bruce Wayne dialogue in the first spot, and Affleck absolutely kills it as Wayne.

I’ve stated before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love the relationship between Alfred and Bruce Wayne and their dynamic is always ever-changing with each new incarnation of Batman. Sometimes Alfred Pennyworth is the ever-servant butler, who just idly stands by and lets Bruce kill his body night after night. However, sometimes Alfred is Bruce’s partner in crime. He regularly feeds Bruce information from the field, or even kicks ass himself from time to time. There’s an issue of Injustice: Gods Among Us where Alfred just completely beats the shit out of Superman, but somehow I doubt we’ll ever see that anytime soon on screen.




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