Turkish Airlines Superbowl Ad has now been released featuring plenty of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice appettizers.

The Turkish Airlines partnership with Warner Bros is coming to full throttle as the airline company has paid for a Superbowl spot during tonight’s game. The spot(s) prominently features Gotham City, and it’s quest to restore it to it’s former glory as well as Metropolis and it’s reborn state.

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The #FlyToGotham campaign invites tourists of all the world to come to the glorious city, and the ad features a dialogue from Bruce Wayne himself on why Gotham is the place to be right now. In the spot, you’ll notice famous landmarks such as ACE CHEMICALS as well as Bruce Wayne’s own WAYNE ENTERPRISES building.

The ad also treats us to a look at the GCPD and the Batsignal shining bright in the sky of Gotham City, which the commercial refers to as a “glimpse of a local celebrity”. So, would you #FlyToGotham?

Meanwhile, the #FlyToMetropolis ad also features a business mogul of their own in LexCorp’s CEO Lex Luthor. Lex reveals that LexCorp is the reason that Metropolis is “open for business again”, which also gives us a glimpse into his hatred for Superman. The ad also features the famous tagline for the city, “The City of Tomorrow”.

Looking into what’s happened so far, it’s incredible how much of a setup Man of Steel was, and as a huge fan of the movie I still wasn’t expecting too much of DC Comics lore to come out of it. However, Zack Snyder has built an outstanding film framework for the DC Universe, and it’s going to blow the minds of everyone.

It’s very interesting to see how some non-movie footage and tidbits is giving us amazing glimpses into the cinematic world of DC Comics, such as the WIRED interview with Lex Luthor revealing Queen Industries as well as KORD.

So tell us in the comments below, would you rather #FlyToGotham or #FlyToMetropolis?







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