It is with a heavy, and yet joyous, heart that we at The Bible of Zack Snyder can exclusively confirm that Snyder will be handing over control of his future WB/DC properties (such as Justice League Part 2) to another talent within the House of Warner- we’ve been hearing George Miller, but that’s not confirmed in any respect- and moving onto other properties that he has wished to see made to the screen.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been a substantial money maker for WB and gotten an overwhelming support from devoted fans across the internet and the general public, the film is now sitting at a grizzly 29% “Rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes, which is where Warner Brothers has spoken to us about their parting ways with Mr. Snyder:

“While we couldn’t be more happy with the support of [the film] from our fans, when we saw that the digital number on this website was below the equivalent of a fresh tomato which is used to directly indicate the quality of a motion picture, we began to have some talks about what the best option to take would be moving forward so that our future movies featuring superheroes could hopefully be deemed ‘fresh’ enough to have a sticker placed on the home media release.”

It's doom and gloom at the Warner Brother's Studio...
It’s doom and gloom at the Warner Brother’s Studio…

Despite the superhero mashup being a bonafide cultural phenomenon and even spawning several film critics to take to social media and protest it’s unfair backlash as well as provide in-depth analysis of the motion picture’s content, our WB source was also quick to point out that several online petitions have been erected to kick Snyder off of the upcoming Justice League

“Online Petitions are very important to us here at WB. When we had cast Ben Affleck as Batman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman we were met with heavy resistance also in the form of such petitions. It got so heated that we even considered firing all 3 of them and cancelling the film until we could get more acceptable choices for these roles like John Hamm, Bryan Cranston, or Gina Carano, but we decided to gamble on it. Now, however, the fact that the internet has spoken so loudly and demanded that Snyder be freed from all contracts and binding legal documents as well as many hours of pre-production work and studio conversation…well, we had to listen.”

Rumblings of a more serious matter have even occurred, we have heard that much in the case of Summer 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being succesful- but not succesful enough- that Sony Pictures decided to partner with Disney’s Marvel Studios, that the character rights of both Batman and Superman could return back to Marvel to possibly be rebooted and included in the forthcoming The Avengers: INFINITY WAR Two-Partner.

A more upbeat and peppy Batman and Superman?
A more upbeat and peppy Batman and Superman?

“People are scared of what could happen to the Justice League in the hands of Warner Brothers. Disney has reportedly offered a pretty lucrative deal to [Kevin Tsujihara] about possibly taking these characters in a bold new direction. A working title we’ve been hearing is a proposed “Batman: World’s Finest” film which would see a younger, slightly more jolly Bruce Wayne venturing to Smallville for an attempted buy-out of Kent Farms as part of Wayne Enterprises new “Whole Foods” division for a health conscious America. It’s there he would meet charming ranch-hand Clark Kent (supposedly being auditioned for by Chris Pratt) and the two would get into some shenanigans as Lex Luthor (Bryan Cranston) is attempting to doze the farm over to erect a LEX-MART chain store.
It would be really funny and lighthearted, which is what we think the audience would prefer.”

Disney has supposedly been looking at auteur Andy Fickman, who is fresh off the success of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 to helm the picture with Phil Hay (Ride Along 2, R.I.P.D.) to handle scripting duties.
We’ll have more as this develops and is likely confirmed by the trade magazines of Hollywood.

What do you think? We here at the Bible of Zack Snyder are disappointed yes, but we have faith that Zack Snyder will find a new home and new projects to send his career every skyward.
No matter what path Snyder takes, you can be sure that we’ll be here to report it!


  1. This is a (scary) April Fools’ joke for some, but a birthday wish for many others, and this is the part when I realize the world has gone completely mad. Cross your fingers it doesn’t come true, and that we don’t end up with a butchered version of Justice League. Seeing the never-ending backlash against Mr. Snyder and his work is both sad and comedic. This is how vision and dedication get thrown under the bus. :/


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