In a newly published interview with USA Today, who if you remember brought us the first official image from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice early last year, David Ayer and Zack Snyder discussed Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto and his turn as the Joker for the upcoming Suicide Squad film, which will be releasing a new trailer tonight as part of the “Dawn of the Justice League” Special on The CW.

While Ayer had Joker, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder got his Dark Knight foe, played by Ben Affleck (who also makes an appearance in Suicide Squad). Snyder, a Squad producer, never was on the Toronto set with Leto “but I was very much looped in on the crazy stuff happening with that,” he says, laughing.

Notice that Snyder tells USA Today he was never on “the Toronto set”, which adds flame to speculation that the Joker will obviously be appearing in Batman v Superman either for a Robin murder (as hinted at by the trailers) or the infamous awakening scene from “The Dark Knight Returns” which BvS is so heavily based off of- and we here at the Bible know that with Snyder’s devotion to TDKR it would be nearly inconceivable for him not to put that crucial Joker scene on film.

Moving on, Snyder said what Leto brings is a ‘fearless nature’ and went on to say Leto will be like nothing we have seen before:

The commitment to the role, you’re going to see that really shine through in a way that you’re not used to seeing actors in movies really go all the way with (in) every little moment and every little breath,” Snyder says. “You’re going to get taken on a journey with Jared that I don’t know that everyone’s ready for but I think it will be amazing.”


Ever since the Suicide Squad First look debuted weeks after San Diego Comic Con 2015, the internet went wild for Leto’s nasty, terrifying depiction of the Joker and since then the controversial character has cause quite a stir thanks to his on-set antics which have transcended fact and become baseless speculation to attack the film in some parts of the internet.
Regardless of that though, it seems fitting than Ben Affleck has a foe as crazy on-set as he is off with Jared Leto, meaning the relationship between the grill-wearing, killer clown and the Dark Knight will likely be the most epic one yet.

Batman v Superman drops March 25 and Suicide Squad will save the world in August.


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