Diana Madison from Obsessed With Everything (OBSEV) sat down with Zack Snyder recently for a 5-minute chat where the very enthusiastic Snyder was just as jolly (and coy) as ever discussing his “Crash the Super Bowl” Contest with Doritos and much more.
We can expect a lot more of these in the coming weeks as the press start to line up for a taste of not only Zack, but his cast and crew as we’re 80 days away from the March 25 release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wow!

Madison started off asking Snyder about his nickname, The Wizard, which iMDB has christened him in the director’s trivia section and even Snyder didn’t know how that came to be.

“Oh? I had not heard [the nickname], but now that I think about it my wife, who’s my producer, mentioned ‘Hey you know they’re calling you this?’ and I’m like…really? Ok, maybe it has to do with, I thought, maybe the visual effects or something like that because we make sort of crazy…magical images? I don’t know.”

Madison then added it’s because he “makes magic happen on the screen”, which we definitely agree with!
The conversation then shifted to the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest which had been announced late last year with Snyder spearheading the contest for aspiring filmmakers.
Snyder laughed at being called “the host” but agreed that was a fair way to put it, saying that:

“There’s sort of a mentor relationship, but these people are so talented my role is just to say ‘that’s amazing, what do you wanna do with this talent?’ Basically we make a commercial for Doritos and you submit to Doritos, and basically it’s a competition and there’s a bunch of finalists so they get to see the top ones, on the day, on TV. So the big thing is that everyone is waiting to see which one is selected.
Yeah the amazing thing is there’s no focus groups, or ad agencies, it’s these people with great ideas…and the people vote, and if your spot is selected you get a million dollars and after that you get to work with me and Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment to figure out..what to do.”

Zack himself being no stranger to Super Bowl’s as he had directed the very moving 9/11 Budweiser Tribute commercial featuring the trademark Clydesdale Horses as they stand before the wounded New York skyline.
Doritos, as a brand, have also been a heavy product at the Super Bowl in recent years with their constantly warped, hilarious, and oftentimes genius commercials such as their Lone Ranger one just last year, and several more.

Zack concluded the Doritos segment by giving his “one tip” for anyone wishing to submit and to get involved, which he said:
“There’s a big noisy world, and how you cut through all that is by being an individual, and that’s why I encourage you to try and to say, ‘ok what do I personally think is cool?’ and go for that. ”

zack snyder feminist
Snyder knows a thing or two about being cool.

Snyder added that trying to guess what other people think is “cool” and second guessing yourself is a sure-fire way to slip up, and to always start from yourself. Sound words for a man who has carved out his own career from a block of the same faces and styles in Hollywood to succeed as one of the greatest visionaries of the 21st century.

Finally, on to the meat for many, the discussion about Batman v Superman. 
Madison asked Snyder what fans can expect from the film, which drops in just under two months.

“I think the fun of the movie is that in the end it’s drama. It’s about…they have to figure out each-other. To figure out how to fight each-other. It’s really about what makes them tick and sort of how that’s gonna work out in a conflict. We’ll see what happens.”

Snyder also added, to Madison’s inquiry about a trilogy, that the forthcoming Justice League is the “next step” for these characters.
Madison then asked what it was liking working with heart-throb Henry Cavill and Oscar-winner Ben Affleck, who play Superman and Batman in the film.

“It was great! They’re fun, they’re smart, they’re enthusiastic. It’s a difficult process you know, making superhero movies. There’s a lot of, you know the costumes and it’s like…long hours and we shot in Detroit in the winter so it was cold and then it was hot in the summer, so there’s a lot of adversity but those guys are complete troopers.”

Madison then brought up Affleck and the infamous Twitter-crashing reaction to his casting as the caped crusader, which Snyder said Affleck was
“going to be a great Batman.”
Snyder and Madison wrapped up the interview with the bombshell reveal of Snyder’s favorite Doritos flavor-which he was hesitant to reveal incase it caused controversy and it was Cool Ranch! (Good taste Zack, that’s mine too!)

A meal fit for champions- Zack's favorite flavor of Doritos.
A meal fit for champions Zack’s favorite flavor of Doritos.

What did you guys think of the interview? Let us know, and as always stick around as we bring you the latest in all things Zack Snyder, and don’t forget to start camping outside your local theatre NOW for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.



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