Hello folks, I know it’s been a while but sometimes life hits you hard and you can’t focus on your favorite side-projects anymore. However, here’s a cool tidbit I found surfing the net today. Thanks to HenryCavillNews for posting it on my feed, we have a somewhat new image from Zack Snyder’s Justice League coming out THIS YEAR. The image doesn’t show us anything new, unfortunately.

New Justice League Image from Empire
New Justice League Image from Empire


All we see is probably a different prospective of the shot in the trailer where Cyborg tells Batman that he didn’t think he was a real person. Included in the shot is also Wonder Woman and The Flash, with Aquaman and Superman being absent. We are aware of why Aquaman is absent, mostly because he says no to Batman’s proposition of forming a team. Superman’s is known as well — he’s dead. Even though he’s confirmed for the film, Henry Cavill and Superman fans are in a tussle on when he’s going to show up or if he is at all. Some people think he will have a massive comeback, some believe he won’t even appear until the post-credits scene (if there’s one).

Thanks to this Twitter user Jacob Hunt, the main page from the Empire article has been “leaked” with a phrase from Zack Snyder clarifying how deep Superman’s role is. All Zack really says is, though is “Superman does play a big part in the movie,” adding that “his presence and lack of presence are big story points.”

How do you think Superman will return from the dead in Justice League?


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