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What’s up everyone?

This is Alex Lynch, creator of The Bible of Zack Snyder.

Now I’m here trying to start a new YouTube series on all things Zack Snyder since it’s been a little quiet and there’s a lot we can cover on here.

Let’s start with some of the Warner Bros Comic Con madness going on this weekend so far, and it’s not even Saturday!

In relation to Snyder’s work, it has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Ben Affleck may no longer wear the cowl of Batman anymore and they may write him off “gracefully” within the films.

THR is reporting that it would be “wise to be against Affleck starring in The Batman” and that Matt Reeves has dropped the Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck script from before, which featured Deathstroke.

However, the first point that THR goes with to debate this fact is that Ben Affleck is getting old. He’s currently 45 years old, and by the time Matt Reeves hypothetical Batman trilogy would be finished, Affleck would be well into his fifties.

I think this argument is silly, but also has some merit from another angle. Zack Snyder purposefully cast Ben Affleck – a world weary, aging Batman – on purpose to push the narrative that he’s seen a lot of shit. Let’s not forget that this is the same type of Bruce Wayne character from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Hell, Bruce Wayne can be seen with grey tips in his hair in Batman v Superman.

However, executives at Warner Bros may have not even read the comic to know this little detail. Zack Snyder is usually one to make sure they don’t meddle in his business, much like he fought the studio during production of Watchmen to get his crystal clear vision.

But here’s where the argument stands – Warner Bros still wants Batman films, possibly even a trilogy. Ever since Ben Affleck signed on the dotted line, they’ve been relentlessly chomping at the bit to get a solo film going in hopes of starting a new franchise. However, it doesn’t really make sense given that – if Snyder’s vision of The Dark Knight Returns’ Bruce is fully realized – Batman should continue to have his own trilogy worth of solo adventures. The age angle definitely works in that context, but in a filmmaking one it really doesn’t.

They note that some fifty year old male action stars are able to get away with being in so much. Their example is Robert Downey Jr, but he barely does any stunt work. The majority of his action scene filming is wearing a cardboard or plastic armor piece on his torso and facial mocap dots. The rest is done by stuntmen, so why can’t stuntmen do all the work for an aging Batman?

Warner Brothers can drop Ben Affleck if they need to. Why? He’s unessential to the film. Today, movie stars are dead. The audiences merely care about the characters now. Even Tom Cruise’s name doesn’t carry the weight that it used to, as proven by his latest film – The Mummy. People will see anything with the name “Batman” attached to it. We can recast Batman, or Warner Bros can do the smart thing – Batman Beyond.

A Batman Beyond film is the easy way out of this situation. Matt Reeves could stick on as director and knock out a trilogy with a banging hot new young star as The Batman. In addition to that, they can hire someone twice the age of Ben Affleck if they can’t get him to be old Bruce Wayne and still bring in bank at the Box Office. This allows Warner Bros to have two consecutive Batmen on screen without compromising each other. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne can appear in Justice League and it’s possible sequel while Warners can churn out a secondary Batman with whomever they want as a fresh young face whose willing to sign a 10 plus year deal to play the character

Regardless though, it’s silly for Warners to think they absolutely unequivocally need a Batman film trilogy at this point. I don’t know how their studio works and I won’t pretend to know, but I don’t think they’d lose anything valuable by dumping the project entirely and switching the focus to Superman or more importantly, Wonder Woman.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can get some healthy discussion going on!



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