Damon Lindelof and HBO are teaming up to re-adapt Alan Moore’s Watchmen for the network.

Back in October 2015, Zack Snyder had the idea to shop Watchmen to HBO. The news went incredibly viral with lots of fan support. HBO even had to respond to the rumors saying that preliminary discussions had taken place. Months later, the project seemingly had died as Snyder prepared to release Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Damon Lindelof
Damon Lindelof

Now, it seems as though HBO is still keen on the idea of bringing comic book content to their network. Damon Lindelof has stepped up to bat to shop Watchmen to the network. Lindelof just finished off a critically acclaimed run of The Leftovers with HBO.

The dark graphic novel adaptation would be a dream project to Lindelof. He’s stated many times that his work is largely influenced by Alan Moore’s. The writer-producer has gone on record to state that he’s a very big fan of Zack Snyder’s film adaptation saying “It’s the most married-to-the-original-text version of Watchmen that could’ve been made.” to Observer.com in 2009.

Alex’s Take: Hugely disappointed that Zack Snyder is no longer bringing the project to HBO. One has to wonder if there was a major creative difference or he was too busy at the time. Nevertheless, cable television is slowly dripping into the comic book genre and that’s good news for EVERYONE. Not a huge fan of Lindelof, but I’ll give it a chance regardless.


  1. Damon Lindelof, I think, would be just the man to bring The Watchmen to HBO. His work on The Leftovers was superb. The way he and Tom Perrotta, the author of the namesake novel , continued the storyline beyond th the book was imaginative and suitable as developments from the source material. He has good story and visual instincts.


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