Now able to be seen week in and week out on Monday Night Raw is WWE Superstar The Miz. He was drafted to the flagship brand a few weeks ago during WWE’s “Superstar Shake-Up”. However, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin isn’t just useful for his in-ring grappling.

WWE has cast him in several of their films. He currently leads “The Marine” franchise, having starred in 3 consecutive installments. Additionally, The Miz has made several television appearances including “Supernatural” and “Sirens”.

Now he seeks to broaden his horizons. Whilst promoting “The Marine 5” to Uproxxx, he revealed his dream comic book role. At first it was Marvel’s Deadpool, but that obviously belongs to Ryan Reynolds. So Miz decided to head to the blue team with his dream casting. Mizanin revealed he’d love to play Booster Gold for DC Comics.

Essentially, Booster Gold is a superhero from the future obsessed with fame and attention. Similarly to The Miz’s character on WWE Television, he prides himself on being an A-Lister. However, not everyone sees him that way.

In terms of Booster Gold actually coming to live action soon, that may not happen. The character did appear in the final season of “Smallville”. The episode was appropriately titled “Booster”. After the first season or so of The CW’s “Arrow”, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg wrote a Booster Gold pilot script for SyFy. From what I heard, it wasn’t that great and the project ultimately fell through.

Another interesting note is that The CW’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” had a first season involving a similar time travelling character by the name of Rip Hunter. On that series, he was played by Arthur Darvill of “Doctor Who” and “Broadchurch”. In the comic books, Rip and Booster are integral to each other, so one has to wonder if he’ll show up on the series at one point…possibly played by The Miz?

Greg Berlanti announced in 2016 that he has a Booster Gold film project in the works at Warner Bros. He also unfortunately said that the project will not be connected to the long-running DC Extended Universe. That could be why Booster won’t show up on the CW series that Berlanti also runs. Or perhaps Warner Brothers doesn’t want non-DCEU films, so it’s stalled for now.

As a mega fan of both DC and The Miz, I believe this would be a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, I have no actual power to make this happen. I just wanted an excuse to write about WWE on here. It’s all connected.


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