Holy Water: Zack Snyder-Inspired Cocktails and Drinking Games

Zack Snyder Bartender
Drinking games are fun ways to watch movies; but drinking the same thing over and over again isn't. Love Zack Snyder? Love Drinking? Read on. To start from the beginning of a Snyder marathon would be going back to Dawn of the Dead,  the auteur's first big-budget...

Zack Snyder Was A Feminist Before It Was ‘Cool’

zack snyder feminist
Is Zack Snyder a Feminist? We analyze his films' female characters in depth in this 5-page article. It's everywhere on the internet. Thanks to a sudden surge in a culturally conscience movie going culture, the audience is demanding for more equal representation of women on...

Latest Justice League News:

[VIDEO] Warner Bros Doesn’t Need Ben Affleck As Batman

Honestly, just trying out a new content format. It'll change and evolve over time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFOcKcW6hAA&feature=youtu.be If you don't want to listen to my awful voice, here's...
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