What isĀ Submit?

Basically, we want to hear from you. We want user-contributions all over the website and as much as possible. Did you ever meet Zack Snyder? If so, how was your experience? We want to know about his bleeding machoism! Did you work for Zack Snyder on of his films and create something for him? Show us! Did you creep out the film set for Zack Snyder’s next movie and have something to report? Let us know, with photos, please! Got some cool fan-art to share of Zack, or any of his films? We’ll be happy to showcase it. Did you attend a recent convention and cosplayed as a character from one of Zack’s films? We’ll give you exposure. Use the “Contact” form button to send in whatever you may have. A lot of quality content will be posted on the site; so don’t be shy!

Disclaimer: All contributions may be followed up with response emails to authenticate the claims and ownership of the content. In regards to picture submissions, cosplay photos must have full-credit to photographer (if they are professional photos) and full credit to the model in the photo (with a link preferred to where their work can be seen). Fan-art is the same way; the original owner must be submitting the content with credit and where we can find more of their work!